Gymstars Gymnastics Academy


Q – How do I enrol in sessions run by Gymstars?

A – You can either call us on 01202 986971  / 07745 929482, send an email to or visit us – we would love to meet you.


Q – Is there a waiting list?

A – As we are a relatively new club, classes are gradually opening as we continue to grow. We are therefore adding those with an interest in joining Gymstars to a waiting list whilst we continue to work hard to pursue options to expand. To join a waiting list then please register for the course you are interested in by going to our “Classes” page.


Q – How will I hear if I have a space from the waiting list?

A – Once you have joined our waiting list, please save our mobile number (07745 929482). We will then text you once a space comes up for your child to start.


Q – Can my child have a trial session before deciding whether to join?

A – When you are offered a space in a class you are welcome to attend the first session as a taster to see how you get on. The cost of the taster is the relevant fee for one session of your class.  If you like it and decide to stay then this amount is deducted from what is due.


Q – What should my son/daughter wear?

A – The club expects all gymnasts to be dressed appropriately for training:

  • No clothing with zips, buckles or buttons etc.
  • No jewellery
  • Long hair tied back
  • Fitted shorts/leggings
  • Leotard/t-shirt
  • Bare feet


Q – Can I purchase club kit?

A – Yes, there are various items of club kit, such as leotards, personalised polo t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and bags, which are available for optional purchase. Please see a coach for more information.


Q – Can my child start mid-way through a month?

A – Yes, depending on the class availability.


Q – Do the classes run through the school holidays?

A – Pre School classes run term-time only. All our other classes run all year round.


Q – Are there any extra sessions during the school holidays?

A – We run ‘fun sessions’ during every school holidays which can be booked onto by both members and non-members. These are advertised on both our website and also our Facebook page.


Q – How are the Pre School fees worked out?

A – Pre-school classes run term-time only. Payment is due at the beginning of each term and is based on the number of sessions running during that particular term.


Q – How are the monthly fees worked out?

A – All GFA and Invitational Classes run throughout the year so fees are based on 48 weeks and split into 12 equal instalments. This allows us to close for up to 4 weeks in the year, such as during Easter, Summer and over Christmas. Members will be notified well in advance of any closures.


Q – Are there any other regular costs?

A – All members must pay an insurance to British Gymnastics. This is an annual fee due every October. There is also a club membership fee to pay at the same time. This includes a free t shirt as well as early bird discounts on holiday sessions and a discount for our weekly Pre School pay and play sessions.


Q – What happens if I miss the payment week period?

A – Fees are due on the first of every month. Places which remain unpaid after this date will risk your child’s place in their class.


Q – Are there are any regular closures during the year?

A – The club closes every bank holiday. We also close for one week in the summer and one week at Christmas as well as over the Easter Weekend. Members will be notified in advance of the dates for these closures.


Q – We are going on holiday so can we have a credit/refund on the fees?

A – Unfortunately no, fees are payable up-front for the full month, not a ‘per-class’ charge. Once paid they are non-refundable. Although you may be away, we are still running the session, therefore your fees must be paid in order to hold your space.


Q – We are unable to attend our lesson this week so can we switch to another day as a one off?

A – Unfortunately no as classes are non-transferrable.


Q – How will I know how my child is progressing?

A – You are more than welcome to speak to one of the class coaches at the end of your child’s session. Alternatively we can arrange a mutually suitable time for a chat.


Q – What if I would like to leave?

A – We would be sorry to see you go, but we understand that it is sometimes necessary. Because our classes are on-going, your child is automatically re-enrolled every month unless we are properly notified. In the event of leaving the club you are required to provide written notice. Your child is welcome to attend until the end of the month you have paid for, after which their space will be offered to someone new. Please note: if you are dropping the class with the intention to come back at a later date, we unfortunately cannot ‘hold’ your place as it will be filled with someone from the waiting list.


Q – How can I become involved in Gymstars?

A – We are always looking for general helpers as well as assistance with the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Fund-raising
  • IT
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Social events
  • Media links

Please contact us if you feel you can offer any help or support.